Are you a Challenger? Discover our G.R.A.M. profile of the week!

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You already know the different positions in Marketing, Sales and Digital from our previous articles. Now it’s time to move on to the next step: finding the right company! Finding a job and company that suits your personality and ambitions is very important, but we know this can be a challenge. Before anything else, your first step should be getting to know yourself better. What are you exactly looking for in a job and in a company? At Generations Recruitment, we decided to help people with this and developed the G.R.A.M.! It will help you determine what type of employee you are and give you tips on finding the right fit for your next job. Each week we will put a different profile in the spotlight, so keep reading to find out more. Last week we discussed the Achievers but now it’s time to talk about the Challengers! 

The what? The G.R.A.M.!

G.R.A.M. stands for Generations Recruitment Aspirational Model. It helps you find a job and an employer who shares your personal values and professional aspirations. By taking this free questionnaire, you will know which one of the 7 profiles is dominant and make informed decisions based on that! Possible outcomes are: Achiever, Challenger, Emancipator, Harmonizer, Sustainer, Committer and Trendsetter. Important to note here is that you are never 1 single profile but a collection of multiple profiles, your outcome merely tells you which profile is dominant at this moment in time!

It is not like the Big 5! It focusses on helping you to better understand how you function at work and what your added value is. Depending on your profile and personality traits, you will get personalised recommendations. These range from tips on better collaborating with coworkers to improving your performance at work. It will help you identify what you expect of your ideal employer in terms of values, structure, atmosphere and advantages.

Generations Recruitment aligns talent’s personality at work with their employers’ needs and values. Therefore, talents can increase their happiness at work while employers reduce turnover. They are both engaged sustainably and meaningfully!

What is a Challenger?

Challengers are innovative risk-takers, who are looking for a stimulating and competitive work environment. As a highly self-motivated person with an entrepreneurial spirit, they like to be involved in an exciting and competitive environment. Furthermore, they are highly demanding and enjoy regular feedback to expand their skills or competencies.

Thanks to their social skills, they are great negotiators and can create strong customer loyalty. They also like the possibility to prove themselves and feel valued. Hence, they love to take the lead in key strategic projects and always achieve new insights.

Discover our different useful tips for Challengers by taking the G.R.A.M. yourself!


“Good understanding of the needs related to both the skills and the values/behaviour of the candidates. Fast reaction time and flexible. Open and feedback driven collaboration approach. Proposal of candidates answering the expectations for the open position(s). Already two candidates in place since more than a year, and they’re great!”

Julie Engelborghs

Leader Marketing BeNeLux, GROHE

How to find a company that suits you?

Take a look at our open vacancies in Sales and Marketing! We always make sure to provide information on the G.R.A.M. profile that fits the company and the position best.

Discover your aspirations with the G.R.A.M.

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