Are you an Achiever? Discover our G.R.A.M. profile of the week!

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Now that you know the different positions in Marketing, Sales and Digital; it’s time to move on to the next step: finding the right company! Finding a job and company that suits your personality and ambitions is very important, but we know this can also be a challenge. Before anything else, your first step should be getting to know yourself better. What are you exactly looking for in a job and in a company? At Generations Recruitment, we decided to help people with this and developed the G.R.A.M., which will help you determine what type of employee you are and give you insightful tips on finding the right fit for your next job. Each week we will put a different profile in the spotlight, so keep reading to find out more about this amazing tool. First one up: Achiever!


The what? The G.R.A.M.!

G.R.A.M. stands for Generations Recruitment Aspirational Model and helps you find a job and an employer that are aligned with your personal values and your aspirations. By taking our free questionnaire, you will know which one of the 7 profiles is your dominant profile and make informed decisions based on the outcome! Possible outcomes are: Achiever, Challenger, Emancipator, Harmonizer, Sustainer, Committer and Trendsetter. Important to note here is that you are never 1 single profile but a collection of multiple profiles, your outcome merely tells you which profile is dominant at this moment in time!

It helps you to better understand how you function at work and what your added value is. Depending on your profile and personality traits, you will get personalised recommendations to better collaborate with your coworkers and improve your performance at work. It will enable you to identify what you expect of your ideal employer in terms of values, structure, atmosphere and advantages.

Generations Recruitment aligns talent’s personality at work with their employers’ needs and values. As a consequence, talents can increase their happiness at work while employers reduce turnover. They are both engaged sustainably and meaningfully!

What is an Achiever?

Achievers are self-driven and stress resistant people, who are looking for challenges and recognition at work. Thanks to their adaptability and ability to cope with stress, they are used to having everything under control. Furthermore, they are good at maintaining close relationships with their clients and resolving work-related conflicts. 

Their thirst for challenge and ambition makes them constantly perform within new projects, but being respected by others and considered as a role model is very important to them too. That is why they work hard to keep their level of performance at its highest. They also have excellent active listening skills, but know how to make decisions when necessary.

Discover our different useful tips for achievers by taking the G.R.A.M. yourself!


“The model that Generations Recruitment put together to find the right candidates was nothing like any other recruitment firm we have engaged in the past. We were not only able to bring on the perfect candidate, but one that we feel really fits our company culture. Would highly recommend.”

Oliver Perce

Director Commercialization, Montrium

How to find a company that suits you?

Take a look at our open vacancies in Sales and Marketing! We always make sure to provide information on the G.R.A.M. profile that fits the company and the position best.

Discover your aspirations with the G.R.A.M.

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