April 24, 2020

How to turn the lockdown into a positive professional outcome?

It is a difficult time for all : sick people, isolated ones, medical staff, food industry workers, employees, companies…
At Generations Recruitment too, we feel it and share everyone’s trouble!

Things can seem blurry and worrying, and we may feel powerless in front of everything that is happening out there.
However, there is one thing you can do : you can choose to see the silver lining of this situation and use the extra time you get at home to your advantage, for example by taking actions to boost your career.

Here are some suggestions that could have a positive and constructive impact on your post-corona work life:

1. Rework your CV

Clarify your job targets, clean the design, update your new experiences and skills, add some of your key latest achievements, update your 10-years-old picture (?)…

2. Do some introspection

Caught up in the routine, it’s hard to take a step back and really think about what is most important to us.

Now might be a good occasion to sit down and take a professional personality test to help you assess your current professional needs. At Generations Recruitment, we have developed a unique tool to understand your aspirations at work:  The G.R.A.M.!

It is free and takes less than 10 minutes, just click on this link.

3. Evaluate different job ads and propositions

This new knowledge of what you aspire to professionally can be used as a tool to scan different online jobs ads and compare their fit with your skills and wishes. Your dream job might be waiting for you right now!

4. Take advantage of video interviews

You can now plan video interviews any day without having to take a day off or rearrange your work time – it saves you time and boosts your productivity!

5. Broaden your knowledge

Take some online courses to improve your skills or to learn new ones. It’s the perfect time: due to the lockdown, lots of online courses are temporarily free.

6. Sort out your mailbox and your calendar

We all have some old dawdling emails in our mailbox… Finally, you have time to put all your files in order and get ready and organized for the return to normal work.

7. Revive your network

Contact some old friends, colleagues or professional partners… It can always be useful to maintain your network, and while it’s not always easy during an active life, now might be a great time to do it!


We hope this piece of advice will help you in your career and could cheer you up a bit.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by the situation though, no pressure – you can also simply use this time to breathe, and take care of yourself and your family.

Need more advice, or any help? Feel free to contact us at any time!

Take care!


Authors: Hélène Bozet, Recruitment Consultant & Polina Tarassov, Content Manager 


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