What’s the G.R.A.M. ?

Discover your personality at work profile with the Generations Recruitment Aspirational Model.
This tool helps you to find a job and an employer that are aligned with your personal values and your aspirations!
Take our free questionnaire and discover which of the seven profiles suits you best:

Self-driven and stress resistant people who are looking for challenges and recognition at work.
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Innovative risk-takers who are looking for a stimulating and competitive work environment.
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Independent freedom-seekers who are looking for flexibility at work and a strong team spirit.
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Sociable and easy-going leaders who are looking for a friendly and informal work environment.
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Consensual and responsible people who are looking for a purposeful employer aligned with their values.
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Structured and meticulous individuals who are looking for stability and security at work.
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Demanding and creative inventors who are looking for a singular and fast-moving employer.
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1. Discover your work personality

Are you Achiever, Challenger, Committer, Emancipator, Harmonizer, Sustainer or Trendsetter?

By taking our questionnaire, you will know which one of our 7 profiles you are! Thanks to the G.R.A.M., you can better understand how you function at work and what is your added value.

2. Get tips to better perform at work

Depending on your profile and your personality traits, you will get personalised recommendations to better collaborate with your coworkers and improve your performance at work.

3. Understand the key characteristics of your ideal employer

With the G.R.A.M., you can identify what you are expecting from your ideal employer in terms of: 

  • Values
  • Structure
  • Atmosphere
  • Advantages

Type of profile: 2 axes

All G.R.A.M. profiles have been plotted in a motivational frame of reference. This one is composed of 2 axes.

Expanding vs Controlling

[Vertical axis]

This axis underlines what makes people feel comfortable in sales and marketing jobs.

People on the top are driven by challenging themselves and expanding their skills.

People on the bottom tend to be more attracted by stability, structure and are looking for reassurance.

Standing out vs Fitting in

[Horizontal axis]

This axis highlights how people’s motivations are translated into the social context.

People on the right side are more likely to need to integrate themselves in the company and connect to others.

People on the left side of the graph are more likely to affirm and establish themselves as individuals.

How to use your G.R.A.M. results?

1. Understand your work personality and your needs

Are you curious to know what is your personality at work? Or what are the personalities of your colleagues? Do you want to get some tips to deal with others at work and perform even better?

If so, take the questionnaire and/or share it with your coworkers.

2. Find a job aligned with your values and motivations

You are open to new work opportunities and you want to find a company with a culture that really fits you? Then you came to the right place!

Contact us, take the questionnaire, schedule an interview with our recruiters and maximize your chances to find THE job that matches your profile! It will consequently increase your chance to be satisfied with your employer on a long-term basis.

3. Keep your work satisfaction at its highest level

You are always growing, and your motivations and values might evolve consequently. We would suggest redoing our questionnaire regularly to keep us posted on your evolution. It will help you to better understand who you are and how to better perform at work.

Why is the G.R.A.M. a solid value?

After two years of research and development,
we created this exclusive method dedicated to Sales & Marketing professionals. This one has been developed in several steps thanks to a research unit.

Steps of G.R.A.M development:


1. Workshops with Sales & Marketing professionals


2. Mapping & quantitative research (on + 7K cases)

b3lineicon|b3icon-head-gear||Head Gear

3. Analysis & Results interpretation in dedicated groups

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4. Creation and segmentation of 7 profiles with experts


They trusted us. Your turn? 

Massimo Terranova

Very professional service and focus on candidate requirement!Moreover the recruiter went a mile further: at my first day in the office with the...

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Massimo Terranova
Victoria della Faille

Great service! Leslie was super reactive and really understood what I was looking for. I strongly recommend Generations Recruitment to all.

Victoria della Faille
Michele Martinelli

Very professional, helped me deal with any questions I had during the process, and sent cupcakes to celebrate when everything was signed!

Michele Martinelli
Julie Beauve

I was contacted by Helene to propose me my current role. She took the time to answer all questions and remained available all the time. I really got...

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Julie Beauve

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