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Discover our employer branding video production service !

We help companies attract new talent through professionally made and engaging videos that showcase the employer and work environment.  We understand the importance of first impressions and that’s why we are dedicated to producing high-quality videos that highlight your business and your team.

Want to join Odyssee Field Service?

Join Odyssee as Growth Marketing Mgr.
Meet Charles Convent, CEO. 

Want to join Invest Europe?

Join Invest Europe as Event Program Manager.
Meet Eric De Mongolfier & Patricia Delaney
CEO & Director of Membership, Training & Events

Want to join Herta?

Join Herta as Customer Category Manager.
Meet Laetitia Martino & Caroline Dalle
Key Account Managers @Herta

Want to join Ritme?

Join Ritme as Business Developer.
Meet Delphine Grassot, Chief Operations Officer.

Want to join Meurens Natural?

Join Meurens Natural as an International Business Developer. 
Meet Tim Van de gehuchte, Sales & Marketing Manager.

Want to join Spadel?

Join Spadel as Sales Representative Horeca.
Too late! Thibaud got the job!
Meet Xavier Faber, District Manager.

Want to join Minale Design Strategy?

Join Minale Design Strategy as Brand Strategist.
Too late! Marie got the job!
Meet Gwenael Hanquet (CEO) & Véronique Pirson (Director).

Want to join Spadel?

Join Spadel as Field Sales Analyst.
Too late! Sébastien got the job!
Meet Kristof Penninck, National Field Sales Manager.

Want to join BYD?

Join BYD as Marketing & Digital Manager
Too late! Laura got the job!
Meet Alexey Krapotkin, Managing Director.

Want to join FostPlus?

Join FostPlus as Corporate Communication Advisor
Too Late! Aricia got the job!
Meet Valerie Bruyninckx, Corporate Communication & PR Manager.

Want to join FostPlus?

Join FostPlus as Communication Advisor.
Too Late! Inneke got the job!
Meet Adriaan Lowet, Communication Manager.

Want to Join Aware?

Join Aware as Digital Content & CRM Strategist.
Too late! Charlotte got the job!
Meet Sabrina Bakalli, Chief Marketing Officer.

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At Generations Recruitment, our consultants are true specialists in Marketing and Sales since 2009. Our approach, based on meaningful recruitment, allows a strong cultural fit between talents and employers. 

  40.000+ Sales & Marketing Talents

  200+ Companies work with us

  13+ Years experience


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