Why did I switch careers at almost 50?

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Career tips, Recruitment Insights | 0 comments

Are you afraid of change? Of course, not! I’m perfectly fine in my golden prison.

My good salary, my nice BMW, my vacations, my seminars abroad, my other advantages and on top of that I have some peace in the office, I manage my own projects and try to motivate my team… and yet! 

And yet, this damn little inner voice that wouldn’t let go of me. « Go for it! You don’t like what you do anymore! You’re not aligned with your managers, you don’t believe in your project, you’re not fulfilled anymore… »

No matter how many times I told it to shut up, especially when I was driving my BMW, it always found a moment to whisper in my ear : Go, live and become !”

And then, one spring afternoon, I’m getting ready for my umpteenth “One to one” as they say in the corporate jargon, and the news hits me like a ton of bricks: “We have to let you go… restructuring, lack of budget… the die is cast! “

After the shock of the announcement and the operational management of my dismissal, the famous little voice did me no favours. Instead of telling me : “Good news, you’ll finally be able to do what you want to do now that you’re approaching 50… “, no, it’s nagging me to find a job similar to the one I just left and as fast as possible. So I search, I network, I act as if… and yet I know deep down that I don’t want my old professional life anymore… Yes, but then what?

Personally, it took me a long time, accompanied by a coach. This journey is full of hope, new projects, but also very depressing moments. Welcome to the emotional roller coaster. 

The support of a professional was a lifesaver for me in order to stay afloat, as well as the well-chosen words of my loved ones who were also very useful in moments of doubt.

Little by little, I understood the famous MEANING I want to give to the second part of my career. I wanted to have a more “human” aspect to my job, while putting to good use all the experience acquired during my first 20 professional years in big companies.

While doing interviews in several recruitment agencies, I realize that I would enjoy reversing the roles between me and my interviewer.

Until one day, during an interview at Generations Recruitment, where I concluded the interview with “In fact, it’s your job that I want to do”.

And that’s when I started putting all my energy into becoming the recruiter I have now been for the past 3 years.

Working both with my clients who mandate me to find their future collaborators and meeting talents motivated by change and career evolution nourishes me daily.

My ultimate satisfaction materializes when “my” candidate and “my” client seal a collaboration agreement.


I certainly don’t reject those first 25 years of an exciting career. A dismissal never comes by chance (there is always a reason). You have to accept it and above all take it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself if that is your wish – and it was mine.

Marc Lellouche

Recruitment Consultant

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