March 08, 2020

Case study – Team dynamics

A client contacted us to improve the dynamics inside its team. 

What were their needs?

  • To provide individuals in the company with a framework to better understand their internal aspirations as well as those of their colleagues and manager.
  • Improve collaboration between people and optimize team results.

What were the expected deliverables?

  • Team building experience in a unique location.
  • A better understanding of oneself and one’s colleagues.
  • Better work dynamics.
  • Creation of a shared vocabulary concerning corporate expectations and Purpose.

How we proceeded?

1. Information session and definition of the objectives with the decision-makers:

  • Identify any possible inter-personal problems.
  • Determine the existing group dynamics.
  • Determine a timeline.
  • Determine a place to hold the intervention.
  • Use of the “G.R.A.M.©” minimum 2 weeks before the intervention.

2. Programme of the ½ day (4h of activities with 2 breaks of 15 min) :

  • Welcome the participants.
  • Presentation of the progress of the intervention.
  • Group work and role-playing.
  • Overall debriefing.

3. Debriefing with the decision-makers (1h maximum one week after the intervention) :

  • GR’s review of the day’s activities.
  • Possible complementary services assessment.

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