February 04, 2020

Case Study – Profiling

A market research company active for 20 years wanted to evaluate the motivations and values of its team members.


  • The goal was to find out whether the team was committed to the company’s new direction, which had been decided by the management some months ago.
  • This decision had been determined by the need to ensure the future of the company, active in a very competitive environment.


  • To meet this request, a Profiling program was undertaken by the Generations Recruitment’s Consultant.
  • The first phase consisted of understanding the company’s current position using the Team Scan, both for the founders and the current team (Today’s Situation), versus Coming Situation.
  • The Generations Recruitment’s Consultant ran the “G.R.A.M©” with the company founders to enable them to express their current and future vision of the company (Future Situation).
  • The Generations Recruitment’s Consultant then ran “G.R.A.M.©” with the employees (7 people) to find out which motivational and value levers were driving this part of their career.
  • In the second phase, the Generations Recruitment’s Consultant had face-to-face meetings with each team member about the results and compared them with the company’s current and future vision.


  • To end the mission, the Generations Recruitment’s Consultant organised a “round-up” meeting to present the mission report, including the organisation map and his recommendations.
  • In this case, motivation and accompaniment levers (ongoing training and a re-shuffle of some internal projects) were suggested for a number of people. Specific tasks were attributed to team members depending on their openness rather than the changes.

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