What is the difference between Diversity and Inclusion?
May 19, 2021

Generations Recruitment strives to ensure Meaningful Recruitment. The first step of a Meaningful Recruitment strategy is to rethink the way companies approach their business by defining a purpose and thinking about their social responsibility on society.

In today’s society, diversity and inclusion is an essential part of each company culture. However, it can be hard to keep track of the theoretical aspects of it. For example, why is Diversity & Inclusion so important? What is the difference between the two? Is it just one concept or two completely different topics? Keep on reading to find out!

What is Diversity and Inclusion? Why is it so important?

D&I refers to the mission, practices and strategies a company puts in place to support a diverse workplace. The main priority here is to attract and onboard diverse employees. Those practises are also known to let companies gain a competitive advantage. Specifically, studies have shown that there is a positive effect between the variety of a company’s workforce and their success within today’s diverse world.

Therefore, investing in a good D&I plan can be beneficial to businesses as it can create new talent pools, potentially increase the ability to create products and be innovative in general. Some say that you cannot improve on diversity without improving on inclusion.

What is Diversity?

Diversity and inclusion are regularly used as synonyms but they are quite different. Roughly said, diversity is about ‘what’ and inclusion is about ‘how’. Diversity focusses on the composition of a workforce.

Think about demographics such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and so on. However, it can go much further than just social categories. It can also be about all the things that make people unique like their preferences, perspectives or characteristics.

What is Inclusion? 

Inclusion on the other hand, focusses on measures that are put in place by a company to make sure their employees feel welcome. It’s about creating an environment and company culture, where employees have a sense of belonging and can thrive. Inclusion is crucial for companies who strive to gain diversity in their workforce.

It is a common mistake for businesses to only focus on diversity and forget about inclusion. However, this is not a good strategy. For example, you can definitely hire more diverse people but they will not stay within your company if you don’t support their different needs.

Diversity and Inclusion at Generations Recruitment

At Generations Recruitment, we value diversity. As a matter of fact, our name stems from that very perspective. The original idea was to ensure more age diversity between the people we hire for companies. So, one of the goals was to promote generational diversity. Hence, the name ‘Generations Recruitment’. Along the way, this goal became broader and now we strive to enhance diverse recruitment in general.

Besides our mission towards a more diverse workplace, there are other reasons we are chosing for more diversity. First, we want to meet the sustainability goals of the United Nations. More particularly, not leaving anyone behind in the workplace by 2030. Second, we foresee a change in demographic in Belgium and a shortage of talents. Taking this into account, going for diversity is the only way forward!

If you want to engage in a more diverse workforce as well, let’s work together!


Client Testimonial

“The model that Generations Recruitment put together to find the right candidates was nothing like any other recruitment firm we have engaged in the past. We were not only able to bring on the perfect candidate, but one that we feel really fits our company culture. Would highly recommend.”

Want to work with Generations Recruitment, just like Oliver did? Don’t hesistate to reach out to one of our recruitment consultants!

Oliver Perce

Commercialization Director, Montrium

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