January 22, 2020

Case study – Team scan

A well-known FMCG company contacted us about a performance problem with one of the sales teams.



  • The team was quite diverse in terms of age and experience.
  • The management was satisfied with the individual skills of the team members, which had already been evaluated.
  • Prompted by their intuition, however, the management felt that something that would free the full potential of the individuals was missing.


  • To find a solution to this problem, the Generations Recruitment’s Consultant carried out a “G.R.A.M©” team scan. He ran the model individually for each team member.
  • Following this, the information was compared to the individual debriefing validation which enabled a complete report to be drawn up.
  • This underlined the fact that the gratification systems offered by the management did not fully meet the aspirational motors expressed by the Team Scan in the team’s composition.
  • A half-day Team Dynamics session was therefore organised with the management and HR teams.
  • Role-play enabled each of them to understand the motivational levers that lay beneath the team, their expectations of the employer and their vision of the professional challenges.
  • Following this session, a report presented a global vision of the team’s internal dynamics and the way it works, advice and a recommendation for building better gratification plans that would have more influence on motivation.


  • Thanks to these conclusions, the management team was able to offer an adapted plan so as to increase motivation at work.
  • Since then, the sales team has grown its results and the level of satisfaction has increased significantly.

What's your personality at work?

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