January 22, 2020

Case study – Recruitment

A growing company aimed at creating a new role in the company: as COO. After 10 years of work and investment, this role was identified as critical for the company’s future and the launch of new activities.


What was the main challenge?

Following a briefing from the CEO and the President, a majority shareholder, it becomes clear that the role is very wide and should ideally be given to someone capable of working both on the production side, as well as in Sales and Marketing. The two deciders made requests that were very precise within their respective frameworks. Although drawing up a list of skills required for the position was relatively easy, it became much more complicated to align the two managers on the attitude that was required, and the company values to be favoured.

How we proceeded?

1. A Generations Recruitment’s Consultant handled this mission, following the steps set out in the recruitment plan.

2. The Generations Recruitment’s Consultant introduced the “G.R.A.M©”: The two managers, guided by a questionnaire, expressed their respective visions of the “Ideal Candidate”.

3. The “G.R.A.M©” helped them understand their respective priorities and express their inner concerns and demands concerning the future team member.

4. After being challenged by the Generations Recruitment’s Consultant, the requests of the two deciders were expressed objectively, working not from their intuition but from rational criteria that enabled them to be aligned on the profile of their “Ideal Candidate”.


The mission ended with the recruitment of a candidate who, in addition to having the skills and experience, was in harmony with the company’s culture and values.

What's your personality at work?

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