Discover your personality at work with the G.R.A.M.

Generations Recruitment developed a model that allows to align talent’s personality at work with their employers’ needs and values.

As a consequence, talents can increase their happiness at work while employers reduce turnover. They are both engaged sustainably and meaningfully.

* Structured and meticulous individuals who are looking for stability and security at work.

You are Committer

You are an empathetic person who feels the need to contribute to society. Because of this, you look for a company that aligns with your personal beliefs. At work, you are seeking stability, and consider your coworkers as family.

As a very cautious person, you work in an established structure and you do not want to take unnecessary risks. You have patience, and you do not give up easily.

In your day-to-day work, you show proactivity, enjoy project-based missions and go straight to the goal.

Thanks to your ability to make friends at work, you are a good team-player and you are good at resolving conflict.

Your personality at work


Need to feel unique
Thirst for challenge


Team player
Need to fit in
Contact seeking


Take-up of responsibilities
Do not give up easily


Make compromises

Result oriented

Resolve conflict
Work on project basis
Organization skills

Process oriented

Analytical mind
Strategic thinker
Time management skills


Stress resistant
Out-of-the-box thinking


Fact-based thinking


Produce ideas
Explore new territories


Respect internal rules
Meet commitments

Your ideal employer






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Marie Willand

Mrs Van Cauwenberghe took care of my follow-up, which went very well. The help and advice given during the recruitment process was great. Mrs Van...

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Marie Willand
Junior Sales executive
Soraya Saenen

Tijdens mijn stage bij Generations Recruitment kreeg ik enorm veel kansen en vertrouwen om dingen bij te leren over alle aspecten van rekrutering....

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Soraya Saenen
Massimo Terranova

Very professional service and focus on candidate requirement!Moreover the recruiter went a mile further: at my first day in the office with the...

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Massimo Terranova
Victoria della Faille

Great service! Leslie was super reactive and really understood what I was looking for. I strongly recommend Generations Recruitment to all.

Victoria della Faille

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