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🌟 Join Us for an Exciting Journey!

🚀 What's in it for You?

At this vibrant start-up, we're offering more than just a job; we're inviting you to be a crucial part of the early-stage growth story. 🌱 With autonomy and entrepreneurship at the heart of your role, you'll experience accelerated learning, 1-on-1 feedback & coaching, and a collaborative environment where teamwork is celebrated. Plus, enjoy the perks of a permanent full-time contract with attractive compensation.

🌐 About the Client:
Passionate about negotiating and securing the best deals, our client is not a typical procurement company.
Say goodbye to monotonous tasks and hello to exciting work that adds real value.
Join us in connecting with clients and vendors and shaping and negotiating deals.
Our client has already built a diverse portfolio of clients, including well-known multinationals.

🚀 About the Role:
As a Project Manager, you'll be at the forefront of innovation and impact.
Your responsibilities include working closely with clients to strategize cost-saving solutions, analyzing supply markets for trends and opportunities, and negotiating to achieve optimal commercial terms.

👉 Key Responsibilities:

🤝 Collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs and requirements.
📊 Analyze supply markets to identify key actors, trends, and opportunities.
💡 Develop innovative improvement ideas, draft plans, and create business cases.
🤝 Support suppliers in crafting tailored proposals for mutual value.
💼 Negotiate effectively with all parties to achieve desired commercial terms.
💰 Capture and implement savings, ensuring impactful and targeted results.

🎯 About You: We're on the lookout for someone special with:

🌐 Experience in Procurement/ as a Buyer
💼 Passion for negotiating and building lasting relationships.
🤝 Ability to collaborate with diverse teams and stakeholders, excellent listening and influencing skills.
📈 Analytical and structured mindset for data interpretation and comparison.
🎯 Result-oriented, driven to achieve the best possible outcomes.
🗣️ Native in NL or FR with fluency in English. Additional languages are a plus!

Ready to make an impact? Join us on this thrilling journey where data interpretation, building cost-saving strategies and relationship development take center stage! 🌈✨

Frequently Asked Questions

It's not my G.R.A.M. profile, should I apply?
To discover your GRAM profile, you should first answer our questionnaire. Thanks to this, you will know more about your professional aspirations, i.e. what kind of management you are comfortable with, which values are important for you in your daily work, what kind of work environment suits you best, etc.

Even if your predominant profile today is not the same as the one in the job description, you can still apply for the job because this tool is not intended to be discriminatory in any way, it is simply informative.

Discovering your profile helps you better understand what your aspirations are at this point in your career and seeing the one sought by the company for a specific position can give you insights about their company culture and the attitude they are looking for. It is thus always interesting to compare both. However, we all have a part of each GRAM profile within us and the predominance of one profile over the others stands out at certain stages of our career and can change at any time, depending on our needs at a specific moment.

Therefore, you can apply for the position even if your dominant profile today is not the same as the one indicatively displayed on the job, that will never be a problem. Don’t hesitate to discuss this with one of our consultants if this isn’t perfectly clear to you yet, we will be happy to provide you more information about the GRAM.
What salary can I expect?
How can I follow the recruitment process?

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