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Gross salary

3.400€ - 4.200€


Meet Valerie Bruyninckx | Corporate Communication and PR Manager @Fost Plus

What’s in it for you?

  • An important role in building and reinforcing the reputation of the organization and the opportunity to have a positive impact and contribute to a more circular economy..
  • A collegial and challenging working environment in the exciting recycling sector.
  • Great freedom and opportunities for personal development and support, including training.
  • Flexible working hours and teleworking for an optimal work-life balance.

About the company

Fost Plus is the driving force behind the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium. Through organization, financing and communication, they make the circular economy of packaging a reality. Every year, Fost Plus recycles almost 90% of the household packaging placed on the market, thanks to efficient collection of glass, paper cardboard and PMD.

To this end, Fost Plus works closely with all stakeholders, public and private partners : companies, federations, public authorities, inter-municipal waste management authorities, collection, sorting and recycling partners and citizens.

In this context, appropriate corporate communication is essential to inform and educate all stakeholders about innovation and new (digital) technologies in the sustainable recycling sector.

We are looking for a Corporate Communication Advisor to reinforce the Corporate Communication & PR department.


About the job

Within the Corporate Communication & PR department, you implement (communication) actions that increase the awareness of Fost Plus and strengthen its image.

Amongst others, your responsibilities will include:

  • You will monitor the general press and social networks on a daily basis and report and evaluate them.
  • You write and rewrite articles and texts for various channels (news articles, mailings, newsletters, blogs, etc.).
  • You are able to communicate complex issues in an understandable way to various target groups (members, partners, political authorities,...).
  • You understand the difference between online and offline communication and can adapt your writing style accordingly.
  • You will provide the necessary support to the spokesperson in matters of press relations: draft of press releases, coordination of translations, update of the press lists, etc.
  • Together with your colleagues and external partners, you coordinate the logistical organization of company events.
  • In the area of project communication, you work closely with your internal partners (including colleagues in the operational communication department).

You report to the Corporate Communication & PR Manager.

About the ideal candidate

  • A higher education degree in communication or public relations.
  • At least a first relevant experience in corporate communication (e.g. communication department, advertising agency).
  • French native with a good knowledge of Dutch.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills are your strengths.
  • Familiar with digital applications, including CMS, e-CRM, MAP, monitoring platforms and new social network management tools
  • Your approach shows determination, initiative, attention to detail and setting the right priorities.

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