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What's in it for you?

🌍💚 Join the Movement for Positive Impact!
Here's why being part of our team is not just a job but a journey:
🌱 Environmental Impact: Be part of a team dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. Seize opportunities to innovate, grow, and shape the digital future of the brand in the Benelux.
🚀 Challenging Role: Embrace a challenging and dynamic role in a healthy and solid organization that values your contributions.
🗣️ Open Communication: Enjoy short communication lines and an informal corporate culture in a pleasant working environment. Your voice matters!
🌟 Freedom and Autonomy: Experience the freedom and autonomy to explore multiple business development opportunities. Your ideas and initiatives are welcomed and encouraged.
💼 Comprehensive Package: Receive a comprehensive salary package with additional legal benefits, acknowledging and rewarding your dedication.

🌐 About the company

Our client has revolutionised the way people consume beverages. They are driven by a mission to make a positive impact on the environment by reducing single-use plastic waste. Their innovative products empower consumers to eliminate the need for countless disposable bottles.

Beyond their commitment to sustainability, our client is widely recognised for fostering a culture of innovation. Their dedication to providing unique and user-friendly solutions has earned them a reputation as industry leaders. The company thrives on a dynamic work environment that encourages employees to think outside the box and take creative risks.

Our client also places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, valuing a workforce that represents a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This commitment to diversity enhances their capacity to innovate and meet the needs of a diverse global consumer base.

🚀 About the role - Brand & PR Maestro - BeneLux
The role of Brand & PR Manager BeneLux is your ticket to becoming the driving force behind the brand portfolio and thriving brand community, with a laser focus on boosting customer acquisition and retention. 🚀💪

1/ At a Brand Level

🎨 Cohesive Brand Ecosystem: Develop a seamless brand ecosystem for a stellar consumer experience.
🌍 Market Mastery: Gain a deep understanding of the Benelux market and target audience.
📣 Effective Communication: Focus on product acquisition and retention through impactful communication and activation campaigns.
🚀 Product Launch Maestro: Manage and launch product innovations, monitoring performance and suggesting improvements.
🤝 Collaboration Extraordinaire: Coordinate with central product experts for successful product launches.
💚 Community Cultivator: Cultivate a community and promote eco-friendly product usage.
🌟 Dynamic Partnerships: Establish dynamic partnerships with like-minded organizations dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the fight against plastic pollution.
👀 Competition Watchdog: Monitor competition, provide competitive reports, and manage the brand budget effectively.

2/ At a PR Level

📅 Daily PR Mastery: Manage day-to-day PR activities aligned with the Benelux brand strategy.
🤝 Influencer Relationships: Establish and maintain relationships with bloggers, vloggers, and influencers according to guidelines, budgets, and KPIs.
🌍 Sustainability Champions: Cultivate relationships with sustainability brand ambassadors, adhering to guidelines, budgets, and KPIs.
🤝 Agency Collaboration: Collaborate with PR agency partners and develop ambassador projects/programs with consumers, focusing on content creation and engagement.

🎯 About you
  • Education: Bachelor level, preferably in business, marketing, or communications.
  • Passion for sustainability, healthy living, and innovative consumer products.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, utilising data for decision-making.
  • Project management skills to handle multiple initiatives and meet deadlines.
  • Proficient in PR and media relations, with a proven track record in managing media relationships.
  • Language proficiency: Fluent in Dutch and English. French is a plus.
Ready to be part of a purpose-driven team that values innovation, growth, and positive impact? 🌈🚀 #PositiveImpact #InnovationJourney #EnvironmentalChampion 🌟✨

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