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Founded in 2018, our client, a fantastic Belgian technical company is disrupting the way to approach search marketing with a super innovative SaaS technology. Growing very rapidly, they won several awards like the IAB MIXX Award for the “Best MarkAd-Tech Tools” and the Digital Wallonia Startup of the year award.

Their fast success is linked with the development of a unique product, issued from Machine Learning and Technical breakthrough, to help generating automated landing pages to optimize SEO and leverage their client’s ranking. This is what led the Company to successfully close a multimillion funding round(in Euro). And after only 2,5 years of existence, the Company’s product is today encountering a solid traction, confirmed product/market fit and have already concluded deals around the planet ‘LATAM, EU, Africa’ to reach a 6 digits Euro A.R.R and already the breakeven.

This year events have created an unprecedented E-business acceleration and therefore a momentum for the Company not to miss. To keep their growth plan running and as a partner of the Business Developers, they are seeking for an entrepreneurial, creative and team player Sales Development Representative (Based in Belgium) to thrive on challenges and deliver an aligned message that moves more leads through the sales funnel.

Your Challenge :
As a sales representative, you will be a crucial part of our client’s team. You’ll be responsible to grow and expand their business customer base by qualifying leads in their enterprise target audience.

Your responsibilities :

  • Working closely with your sales and marketing colleagues
  • Respond to inbound interests to build rapport and establish long-term relationships
  • Identify and prioritize target accounts and key prospective contacts
  • Research business challenges of companies and contacts using various data sources
  • Proactively target prospects via diverse channels like e-mailing
  • Make amazing first impressions and help schedule meetings
  • Maintain active engagement with prospects and clients through follow-up and maintain accurate and timely notes on interactions within the CRM system.
  • Manage account administration and offers
  • Grow as a sales person and take on bigger and greater challenges

About you :

  • You have a first working experience in sales in a relevant field
  • A positive and can-do attitude
  • You are capable of working independently and acting proactively
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication in French and fluent in English.
  • Other languages are a plus!
  • Technologically savvy, organized, goal-oriented
  • Excellent communicator, as well as listening skills
  • Able to work in a rapidly expanding and changing environment
  • Desire to learn and grow with the company

What’s in it for you ?

It is truly important to them that each team member is happy in the team, with interesting challenges, a good understanding of his/her contribution to the company, a nice environment, a super flexible home working policy,...
When recruiting a new team member, they’ll always focus primarily on:
  • Company culture fit: be trustworthy, friendly, willing to help
  • Adaptability: be ready to evolve along with the company
  • Solution-oriented: never come with a problem, always come with a solution to a problem

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